The 8th ASEAN Retail

2023-06-01 14:02:33 嘉兴安东尼技术玻璃有限公司 Viewd 66

For the last 7 years, ASEAN Retail has well served as the “most efficient and productive platform” between suppliers from worldwide and retailers from large to small scale in Thailand and neighboring countries in their business expansion.

As the only retail focused event in ASEAN, the 8th ASEAN Retail 2023 will see the latest retail technology, shop fitting, e-commerce, online retailing and social commerce offered during the four day show, along with informative seminars by industry professionals, acclaimed speakers and certified trainers.

The event will be co-located with another three big shows; the 19th Thailand Franchise & Business Opportunities (TFBO 2023), the 17th Thailand Retail, Food & Hospitality Services (TRAFS 2023) and Pub & Bar Asia.